The primary aim of the "R.O.S." is to provide the opportunity to test, compare and be informed about the various solar equipment available on the today's market. Amateur homemade solar instruments will be also present, bringing a welcome complementary approach of solar observation technics.

The "Rencontres" will start on saturday morning and will end Sunday around 18h00.

Solar observation requires lots of care. In registering, you acknowledge that you will be responsible of your physical integrity. The "R.O.S" has no insurance against risk of solar observation, and as such, will deny all responsibility.

Be careful, solar observation can be dangerous

To avoid any problems, it will be asked to wear the badge

which will be given upon arrival.

Your instruments will be on your responsibility during the length of "R.O.S".

We offer you the possibility to leave your instrument Saturday night in a secure place under "R.O.S" surveillance.

Please, do not forget your electricity supply (power tank, batteries....)

Also, think about water, umbrella. It can be hot in Serbannes at the summer solstice!

The registering will be effective after payment. The number of participants is not limited, although an early registering is always recommended.

The fees are not refundable, unless by cancellation of the "R.O.S"itself.

The professional stands are there for you; do not hesitate to meet them. You might find there the answer of your equipment questions; this is a rare opportunity to test on site different solar instruments.

The "R.O.S" team wishes you an enjoyable stay with us under the sky of Serbannes.